Module 1
Topic 6
Lesson 23

Safe pacing ranges vs VT induction

Thomas Deneke
Director Clinic of Electrophysiology

What will you learn?

  • how to avoid VT/VF induction with your pacing
  • when can I expect VT or VF induction
  • what to look for and be prepared for

About this scenario

  • Do not pace faster than 250 ms because ventricular tachycardia (VT) or ventricular fibrillation (VF) may be induced at higher rates.
  • In general extra-stimulus pacing is more likely to induce VF while burst pacing VF.
  • For deliberate VT induction drives with multiple extra-stimulus are advisable. Different constellations of short and long intervals should be consider in the induction protocol.
  • Look for local signal defragmentation as an early warning prior induction
  • Always be prepared for VT/VF induction and emergency measures to insure patient safety.