Module 1
Topic 1
Lesson 1

How to train?

Katarzyna Malaczynska-Rajpold
Consultant Electrophysiologist

What will you learn?

  • how you can start working with the simulator
  • all necessary settings to start your training
  • how to use most typical features of any EP recording system and stimulator

About this scenario

  • Step 1. Find the right setting for the right procedure. You can look up what kind of setting is used in your EP lab and find the most similar one.
  • Step 2. Adjust sweep speed as you prefer. If you don't know what is good for you then try 100mm/s for starters.
  • Step 3. If its all happening to quickly then slow down the hart using "Speed" drop down.
  • Step 4. For interval or amplitude measurement please pause the tracing and use calibers "Time" or "Voltage". Click and hold to get yore measurement which will be displayed below.
  • Step 5. Try pacing and don't worry. Nothing bad can happen to this patient :) You can either pace continuously with F5 or with extra-stimulus in F8 section. You can change the Cycle Len. by typing in or using up and down arrow in the window or on your keyboard. Change pacing channel using drop down menu.
  • Step 6. Enjoy your training with EP simulator.